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Rules for the correct use of the website

When you send us data of personal nature and/or material to participate in the web site it shall be checked to determine whether or not it infringes our Conditions of use. Then it shall be decided whether or not it shall be used in the web site. You shall undertake to ensure that all personal data that you send is correct and corresponds with your true identity. Hereunder are some of the rules that will help you avoid problems:

  • Material sent by participants must meet the requirements described on the web site.
  • Copyright must be respected. Only post material that you have developed or material that has all the necessary rights either to use in the web site and/or publish on the web site under the terms and conditions of a Creative Commons licence "Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Spain" for the maximum legally allowed period. This means that you must not send material that you have not developed nor use any content of any kind whose copyright belongs to someone else.
  • The web site contains a space for debate and comments relating to the web site.
  • In order to send “post” on any of the blogs, a permission must be obtained from the administrator. This permission shall be granted once registration for the web site has been completed.
  • The administrator shall moderate the site. Thus the administrator may remove comments or not publish “post” depending on its nature or form. The administrator reserves the right to remove any “post” that is not productive and that interferes with the good running of the site.
  • The use of rude words or offensive remarks that may hurt the feelings of the users, or subjects unrelated to the web site is not permitted.
  • We recommend that the size of the images published on the web site be reduced.
  • When using the function “quote” it is necessary to edit the text referred to, leaving only the part to which you wish to reply, indicating the change with suspension marks. We request that you avoid “quoting” photographs unless absolutely necessary.
  • The use of the forum or any other applications of the site for the personal benefit of the users is not permitted and any action in this respect shall result in the offending user being expelled.
  • The use of videos or songs with copyright is prohibited and if used they shall be removed immediately.
  • Should tools such as “spam” or other private messages be used to bother other users then the user responsible shall be expelled.
  • Should any participant be disrespectful towards any other user or generate any conflict then that participant will be expelled.
  • The material sent by the participants will be posted on the educ@conTIC web site under the terms and conditions of a creative commons licence "Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Spain" for the maximum legally allowed period. Thus the reproduction of any information provided on this web site and/or forum is strictly forbidden unless the source of the same is provided. The copying or imitation of the design without the permission of the site administrator, or non-compliance with any of the terms of the abovementioned licence is also forbidden.

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