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The I Congreso Nacional Internet en el Aula had a dedicated Website which became a meeting point for the educational community interested in using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in their classrooms. This Website is the next step. It pretends to be a space where users can keep on sharing educational good practice where ICT are playing the main part.


Within the plan of action covered under the Programa educ@conTIC (Communications and Information Technology Educational Program) and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Social Policy, and Sports, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce, as well as the Spanish Autonomous Communities, is taking action to support the integration of Communications and Information Technologies (CIT) in Education, such as infrastructure facilities in educational centers, the creation of quality digital education material, digital educational media repositories, educational training material for academic preparation, etc. All action is intended for educational centers, teacher training centers, and teacher education universities and is financed with public funds from the non-university general tax system as well as from special funds.

Attached to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce by means of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and in contribution to the initiative for an Information Society, the government-owned enterprise’s mission is to contribute to the promotion and development of telecommunications and an information society in our country.’s functions are under the legal jurisdiction of article 55 of the December 29 14/2000 Law (artículo 55 de la Ley 14/2000, de 29 de diciembre) which modifies the Sixth Additional Statutory Order of the April 24 11/1998 General Telecommunications Law (la Disposición Adicional Sexta de la Ley 11/1998, de 24 de abril, General de Telecomunicaciones ) which is expressly declared to be in effect by the Sole Overriding Provision of the November 3 32/2003 General Telecommunications Law (la Disposición derogatoria unica de la Ley 32/2003 de 3 de noviembre General de Telecomunicaciones).

Plan Avanza2

The Plan Avanza program was designed to put Spain in a preferential position within the Information and IT Knowledge Society in order to improve the country’s economic productivity and the wellbeing of all Spanish citizens. This plan was successful and so the Government launched the Plan Avanza2, whose primary goal is to contribute to the economic development of our country thanks to the intensive and widespread use of Communication and Information Technologies. With Plan Avanza2, special attention is given to projects that combine sustainability and energy savings.

In this context, Avanza2 is not so much challenged with providing increased offerings (overall, this has been achieved) but rather the promotion of demand as well as taking advantage of the contribution to the sector’s development for the consolidation of development of a Communications and Information Technologies industry centered around small and medium sized companies which form the majority of the initiative’s efforts.

Avanza2’s initiatives are grouped into five operating sectors:

  • Development of the sector
  • Communications and Information Technologies Training
  • Public Digital Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety and Trust

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